Olive Oil tasting Glass

Blue Olive Oil Tasting Glass
Blue Olive Oil Tasting Glass Set on table top view
Blue Olive Oil Tasting Glass Set with cover

Olive Oil tasting Glass

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Official tasting cup regulated by the IOOC with its corresponding glass to cover it and prevent the entrance of dust or particles in suspension and the loss of the most volatile aromas.

A case includes: 10 glasses and 10 glasses.

The oil tasting cups are created taking into account three aspects measured to the millimetre so that oil tasting becomes a multisensory experience:

- Adaptation to the hand: The glass must be surrounded with the whole hand, causing the oil to heat slightly and thus releasing the aromas of it.

- Accumulation of the aromas in the interior: The aromas that the oil releases are agglutinated in the glass. The glass that covers the glass serves to retain the aromas until just the moment to bring the nose to the edge of the glass and inhale them. In this way we catalogue the oils and describe their organoleptic characteristics.

- Impossibility of distinguishing the colour of the oil: The blue colour of the glass is due to the fact that this colour prevents the original colour of the oil from being seen, making this important for an assessment of its quality.

As colour is not a quality characteristic and personal tastes come into play with this blue colour, this visual subjectivity is inhibited, which could lead to a greener or more yellowish colour. The best-known popular belief is that it is believed that oil with a greener color is because the oil has may quality, and it really is not.

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